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Few words about our Industry

Using cards and online transactions in this digitized era has brought more vulnerability due to the increased chances of hacking, phishing, Malware and illegal interventions by the unknowns. We at HawksCode trust that, information security and protection is a piece of computerized innovation but should be reinforced with the prospect of data security.

Observing the accent In the E-Commerce industry, rigorous computerized advancements have taken place, which has inevitably brought the immense probability of illegal interventions and malpractices. With the rise of intricate challenges and difficulties as the day progresses, Our organization has upgraded the counter-attacking techniques by the introduction of installation of security firewall, enablement of administrative techniques and innovative counter-methodologies.

Computerized wallet, Apple pay, Paytm, etc. are all the parts of Advanced Innovation and future payments and transaction industry, but we have pursued and encompassed various territories for investigation, analysis, development, improvement, modifications and qualitative output through our inherent and target-oriented consultancy and valuable services.