Realex Payments Payment Gateway Integration into Websites, ERP, Web Applications in HawksCode India - Realex Payments

Realex Payments gives dealer administrations and installment portal administrations. Vendor administrations are the administrations that you have to demand exchange authorisation from your client's card backer and to exchange reserves from the client's account to your bank account. The installment portal gives the framework that associates your site to your trader administrations account. Our business group will help you to distinguish any extra administrations that you require on your account like 3DSecure cardholder validation or Dynamic Currency Conversion.

You will be furnished with a test door account to create and test your combination. Our designer focus gives access to all the mix assets expected to finish the combination, similar to test code, programming advancement packs, documentation and test cards. Your account administrator will be accessible to answer any inquiries from you or your designer.

Feature of Payment Methods:
  • Adapts to any device
  • Adapts to any device
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Deliver an intuitive user experience
  • Store Card for repeat customers
  • Less compliance cost. More conversion