Nochex Payment Gateway Integration into Websites, ERP, Web Applications in HawksCode India - Nochex

Nochex offers three sorts of account: individual, vender and dealer. The most well-known accounts are the vender and shipper accounts, which permit online payments to be prepared through a merchants' site. All payments made through Nochex bolster the 3D Secure XML standard intended to decrease the danger of false card holder not present exchanges, and are PCI agreeable. Nochex does not require the account holder to secure a bank vendor account or installment portal. Nochex is the protected, straightforward and secure route for individuals to make payments and for online organizations to get paid. Individuals from around the globe utilize Nochex to purchase products and ventures from web organizations that are situated in the UK. Clients shopping from Nochex' traders needn't bother with an account.

Online venders and vendors have a selection of accounts, and our terms can be changed in accordance with address the issues of a wide range of organizations from one-individual new companies to moderate sized retailers utilizing many individuals. Nochex is a secretly held organization based near the grounds of the University of Leeds.

Our Payment Method:
  • Telephone Payment
  • Recurring Payment
  • Multi Seller Payment
  • Online Payment