AIM Payment Gateway Integration into Websites, ERP, Web Applications in HawksCode India - AIM

The AIM augmentation gives the most incorporated checkout encounter conceivable with ecommerce while giving the security and dependability that accompanies utilizing for installment handling. Incorporates bolster for checkout utilizing eChecks and Accept.js!

The AIM rendition of the Payment Gateway expansion permits you to keep the client on your site for the checkout procedure, giving you greatest control over checkout so you can test and execute the best understanding for your store. A SSL testament is required for PCI consistence because of the immediate checkout to guarantee that your clients' credit card data is secure.

AIM is an installment handling arrangement you can tweak to give a vendor control over the greater part of the means in preparing an exchange:
  • Collecting client installment data through a custom application
  • Generating a receipt to the client
  • Securely transmitting information to the installment portal for exchange preparing
  • Securely putting away cardholder data
  • And additionally, contingent upon the vendor's business prerequisites
  • Address verification service filter
  • Card Code verification filter
  • Itemized Order Information
  • Email Receipt