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StreamoFY is the stage to talk, learn and teach together with the means of video chat, share your idea, knowledge with others no matter wherever they are. It can be used by the vital range of the user like the educational institutes like schools, college or other training centers, also can be by the private/govt. association or can be used as personal video chat platform.
Instructors can make, manage, and pass on courses on the web. Use the StreamoFY Virtual Classroom to pass on live classes to any number of understudies, on the web.
It can help you with arranging meeting with your colleagues, customer or client, make a group study any many more. Whether all are in same city or country or are distance apart, it just seem like you are just a hand apart from others.

You can celebrate birthday, marriage, anniversary and many more occasions. The use of StreamoFY depends on your imagination. It can be used BY EVERYONE and FOR EVERYONE. The most important thing here is that is all free for anybody.
Easy and effective text chat
Give personal attention to your remote students in one-on-one or group chat; even chat in their local language.
Live Video Streams
Have face-to-face interactions with your remote students and conversations without echo, even without headsets.
Whiteboard tools to draw naturally
Write in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew; solve math equations with math symbols, draw using the drawing tools, and flip among multiple whiteboards.