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HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd is a global IT firm delivering solutions to enterprises/organizations worldwide. We have successfully established our prowess in Application Softwares and E-Business. We have inculcated advanced approaches of Project Management, Business Process, Analysis, Outsourcing, etc. in our world-class services.

"An enthusiastic workforce trying to deliver quality output to clients/customers through our expertise and targeted services."

HawksCode Softwares Pvt Ltd is a dominant standard in the IT Megacorp industries.From scheming to venture dispensation, cross-examination and undertaking technological innovation, we have raised the bar of outsourcing and service providing IT firms/industries. Our Team of HawksCode has accurate expertise of all ventures and associative themes.


HawksCode Softwares is well equipped and renowned Outsourcing Company in India which provides successful solutions for multifarious business problems of Information & technology with utmost professionalism. We have developed well coordination between developing external IT environment.
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Our mission is to enable organizations/companies to boost their profitability in their respective sectors with the proper use of IT technologies. We have developed our aligning objectives at all levels so as to inculcate synergy in executive operations. It is our collaborative approach, creative input
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HawksCode Softwares provides a plethora of IT Solutions on Project & Product basis and Customized output services for client demands/needs. We assist the clients with our technical expertise.
We successfully have developed a practical implementation plan/framework for offshore IT projects too.
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What We Do

The Associations spending or investing on IT services is equally changing with the ardent reformation in the business division. With the upliftment of applications; the aspect of flexibility; preparations; data exchanges and analysis are experiencing for the remodelling too.

To cope up with the complex and intricately reformations, which have seized all sectors, The IT companies/pioneers must be upgraded too. We at HawksCode used programming advancement to drive achievement and respond more rapidly . We , being enthusiastic in approach, also tend to curb potential risks and setups through cautious planning and management.

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In today's extremely engaging environment, IT structurals have been constantly emphasising on improvement and renovation - for enabling critical business frames fort better client- service capability.

We at HawksCode, provide customised, transparent, and hassle-free services, which are dedicated in keeping clients at the focus point of our consultancy. For the business needs and demands of the clients, we have been undoubtedly sincere in our efforts to induce profitable for both the parties which prospects a Win-Win situation. We provide consultancies for all types of businesses and industries.

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It's critical for the organizations to keep client-driven services businesses goals/objectives to stay in extremely competitive world We, at HawksCode, are keen on providing client-focused customized service.

We have oriented the entire process in a user-friendly way, as the interaction, communication, and connection becomes easy for both the parties. The involvement of latest and advanced Technologies in this sector can attract maximum customers for their prospective investment in the respective business. We have our services based on a wide array of types as this sector helps in business growth and revenue generation.

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Client shall get customized, timely and portable contraptions for their contract which have been provided by the IT firms. Due to the advanced and newly rising innovations, factors such as: augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and Data Analytics have prospered in vivid dimensions alike.

The introduction of latest digital technologies has impacted conventional businesses, transforming them to new level as they tend to increase the revenue and customers alike. More Criteria and options are explored which provide more solutions for demands. We, at HawksCode tend to satisfy the rising demands by providing Digital Services, Assistance and related services in the most desirable, convenient and optimized fashion.

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The term Outsourcing directs to the service providing agenda of an individual or organisation for other businesses and companies. Outsourcing is one of the constructive and profitable trends, due to its Accuracy, Effectiveness, Cost Savings and Time Optimization.

Various companies have approached for outsourcing services, which allows them for better management-both internally and externally We, at HawksCode, are keen on providing outsourcing services for every industry, which is related to Information Technology. Our excellent developers and equipped expertise makes sure that there is no stone unturned.

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The developments of web API have security business needs related to the web development concerns. Web API is an extremely effective tool to fulfill the web development needs of the clients and customers as it is also helpful for all type of businesses and organizations.

API or Application Program Interface is a web applications to interact data exchange sharing features and assistance features.. We, at HawksCode have expertise in development of Web API's applications of ardent programming interface with the customers demanding web services. Our API's are built on High Performance with Representational State Transfer, Software Architecture, Proper Authentication, and Securities' Best Practices.

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HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd is an end-to-end Software Development, ERP and Mobile Application Development services provider. Our products show the edification and style in development and Business challenges. We always focus on green computing and requirement of styling in Business challenges.
EasyShiksha is an endeavour of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Started in 2012 with an aim to explore the future of education.
HawksCool ERP is easily the most comprehensive administration automation suite for any kind of educational institution.
TheIntenrs is an endeavour of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. We are a team, small in numbers but believe in making difference.


Don't let your business evolve according to the pace of others. Contact us to discover how we can help with the management of your company.

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  • I really enjoyed working with HawksCode Team. So much, that I absolutely recommend them and will definitely work with HawksCode in the future!Sunil was happy to make helpful suggestions and give assistance on related matters as well. Thank you for your work Sunil.
    Victoria Castellanos
    Wegman Group, Florida
  • HawksCode Team is very knowledgeable and competent and professional. I do have high standards. Sunil did not complain about anything he was asked to do he just got on with it. Definitely my first choice for any future tech based jobs.
    Scott Brown
    USA Private Money, USA
  • Excellent skills. Will highly recommend to everyone to use services from HawksCode. They are professioanls and know what they are doing we are working with HawksCode since last 4 years and will keep continue working with them. Thanks a lot.
    Brent Mail
    SICLounge, Australia
  • HawksCode Team is easily contactable and friendly to deal with. They immediately knew the steps to be taken and completed the work efficiently and professionally. His experience and knowledge are excellent. I would not hesitate to use HawksCode services again in the future.
    Lee D
    London, GB
  • I'm happy with project. Just as importantly, HawksCode delivered on everything they promised and on the budget that we agreed upon. Great work on my project, will use HawksCode team again. Thanks!
    Paz C
    Bristol, United Kingdom