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The ability for performance data in apps to display in the platform and help direct learners' choice of future study materials, Task sequences for music, movies, and TV-shows - Trailer or vevo, vocab, phrases, main point and details comp quiz, self-reflective audio journal, general topicbased Inter-cultural simulations.

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Virtual tasks for learners to do based on their indicated future.


Assessment and learner analytics. Support for mandatory content-providing textbooks and online tools (e.g. ALC NA2, ABlish - if permission is granted). A page for HR departments to use to manage their onsite language classes. A page for researchers to use announce research, collect existing literature, and find data.

The platform has been created to fulfill the following objectives:

To help and encourage learners to self-manage their EIL and global-human-resource-related development while at, between, and beyond. specific educational institutions/workplaces.

To help and encourage teachers to remain focused on the learning needs and goals of their learners and to facilitate learners' self-management of their own development. To help and encourage teachers to continue their own professional development during and beyond specific courses (e.g. masters degree courses) and between training programs.

The platform differs from (and, in some cases, aims to complement):

Tools which do not generally aim to help learners to manage their overall development beyond any one specific institution... e.g. Blackboard, Learner Activity Management System, Moodle, ALC NA2, ABlish Tools which have not been specifically designed for language learning... e.g. Facebook, Line Tools which have been specifically designed for language learning, but which may not make maximal use of the features of the specific mobile device being used... See e.g. Burston (2015 Tools which are focused on teacher professional development... e.g. EPOSTL, J-POSTL

Why all three tools being combined into one platform makes sense:

Provide platform functionality (e.g. points, selfreflection). Make self-management convenient, motivating, and collaborative. Be localizable/contextualizable, customizable, potentially open source, and able to be built upon. Tools which are focused on teacher professional development... e.g. EPOSTL, J-POSTL