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Innovation is a creative production agency that specialises in the design and production of Innovative Products and Direct Marketing Solutions We create physical-digital products that are engaging, attention-grabbing, interactive solutions for marketing communications and content delivery. We have been designing and creating innovative Direct Marketing products for many years now. By fusing modern technology into conventional print and packaging formats, we breathe new life into old concepts.

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We have a strong team in place to keep us at the cutting edge of product design, development and mass production to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our dedicated, experienced and skilled team are on standby to receive your project brief and advise on product suitability from inception through to delivery into the hands of your target audience.
We enjoy working with companies big and small, all around the world. Our team is your team and we are available to answer your questions on what products best suit your project in terms of budget, spec and production lead times. As desire for innovative marketing solutions increases around the world, our design and manufacturing capabilities expands also. We have adapted to the growing demand for big volume orders as well the necessity for low run, custom made, quick turn-around productions.