FAQ - Software Development, ERP, Mobile Apps Development Company, India
Question 1-How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?

Answer  :  We, at HawksCode provide world-class quality, which is undoubtedly our main priority as IT service providers. We have remodeled technologies and ensure customized software applications output and manage Information Systems which doesn't compromise with the quality as said earlier. We comprehensively know the needs, wants and expectations from the end-customers, and our past expertise and experience has been indeed instrumental in delivering the most optimum performance output in terms of our services. We have set the highest standards of performance and an exceptional place in the market of IT firms, which has resonated our reliability in the most convincing fashion. Every project goes through the hands of suitable QA/testing professionals, under stringent test-plans, examination surveys, administration protocols, test regression, usage analysis etc.

Question 2-What are the highlights/achievements of the company?

Answer  :  We, at HawksCode have completed over 1500+ projects successfully. We've ensured satisfaction of guarantee to over 750+ happy customers/clients. We've received as many as 23 awards in the sector of IT servicing & outsourcing We've over 8+ years of expertise.

Question 3-How can a customer interact with your company?

Answer  :   We tend to ensure maximum Customer satisfaction through our user-friendly interface interaction. We have developed a fluidic user-friendly interface for successful customer interaction, wherein customers can approach us 24/7 to control and monitor the project development progress.

Question 4-Do you provide post-development maintenance?

Answer  :   Indeed we provide all softwares Post Development Maintenance Services; which includes post-project assistance and client satisfaction protocols.

Question 5-How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?

Answer  :   As we have the most equipped work-force with us, our accuracy levels has set a benchmark in the IT services firms in the market world. This accuracy level has been instrumental in eliminate possible bugs. We try to provide the highest quality products and services to clients and customers in the most optimized and swift way, thereby ensuring clean &fool-proof services without a speck of doubt in minds.

Question 6-How detailed set of requirements do you require from us?

Answer  :   For successful completion of projects, we need a detailed specification report from client's end. With the help of the accurate specifications stated, the most enhanced type of services will be delivered as per the demands of the customers.

Question 7-How to contact HawksCode?

Answer  :   We recommend interaction on internet (mails) as they are fast, reliable and compact. Internet provides the most convenient way of making contacts and bridging the gap between customers and Developers; hence we have provided email platform for your information, questions, comments and suggestions.

Question 8-Does your company work with clients all over the world?

Answer  :   We provide our services globally including United Kingdom, United States, India and Australia.

Question 9-What kind of websites and other work does your website company perform?

Answer  :   HawksCode provides a wide array of services based on various portfolios or avenues such as Industries Technologies, Products and Services. Industries include: Aerospace and Defense, Banking, Communication Service Providers, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Insurance, Life Sciences, Logistics and Distribution, etc. Services Include: Application & Development, Consulting Services, Digital Marketing, API customization and development, Business services, Outsourcing services, etc. Products include: EasyShiksha, My News House, Theinterns, Hawkscool, ERPHawks, Security StreamoFY, Online Health Corner, FoodnDeals.com FND, MyInfoCart.

Question 10-How can I monitor and control project development progress?

Answer  :   We, at HawksCode do provide regular status reports and statistics, based on time sheets and innovative graphs from our team; hence ensuring transparency and quality performance in our apprehensive services. What benefits can you guarantee? Why work with you? Confidentiality Assurance: All the client details/database will be kept confidential with maximum secured protection. Price guarantee: Maximum cost-saving. Hence a win-win situation for both parties. Quality assurance: We, at HawksCode provide most optimized and enhanced services with accuracy, creditability, quality assurance, within-deadline outputs and customized outsourcing. Customer service: We are keen on providing most desirable customer interaction with efficient customer interaction/service catering, queries answering, interfacing, follow-ups, report submissions, etc.

Question 11-What is the quality of people you employ?

Answer  :   We have been equipped with the most optimum and highly-talented workforce, with each individual contributing for the most enhanced quality output of services to our beloved clients/customers. The individuals working with us are: English-speaking Graduate/Post-Graduate Engineers
Rich with practical real-time industry experience
Expertise for on & off-shore projects with US/European/Australian clients
Individuals from Premier Engineering Institutes with world-class & exceptional abilities
Are industry-certified (Microsoft, Oracle, etc.)

Question 12-What are the Service rates?

Answer  :  The rate is low not because of any technical limitations from our end, but that is because we operate from India wherein living costs are lower due to international economies and exchange rates as per the regulations. Therefore, It is our strategy to pass on these location advantages to our clients residing in the overseas.

Question 13-What are your payment models?

Answer  :   We work exclusively for the long-term committed clients who want Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) services, and offer a guaranteed monthly rate.

Question 14-How do you assure confidentiality?

Answer  :   We do sign the NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements which are keenly required by you. All our employees are officially full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses and regulations. For sensitive/critically important projects, we exclusively create isolated cells disconnected from any public network which provide maximum assurance of security and cyber-protection.

Question 15-Can you guarantee time-bound results?

Answer  :  We do guarantee fixed-time results, without compromising on the quality output of the project. We require clarity and specifications in the most detailed way from the customers. We do our best in delivering-accurate and optimum services within the deadlines needed as per the demands of the customers/clients.